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Many of us have experienced frustration in "getting connected" to the virtual community that Michael has created for us. I'd like to ask that we all hold our judgement on the continued use of electronic communications until after we have talked again together as a group.

There were five members of the "planning team" Don and I put together that weren't with us at the Mar. 23rd meeting for one reason or the other. Our group is currently 15 and could be more. Now, everyone won't be involved in making ALL decisions, but we have a pretty complex network of people to include, involve, and inform about the Retreat Planning process.

Out of respect for everyone's limited time to volunteer for the cause, Michael has thoughtfully constructed a mechanism for us to share schedules, agendas, documents, and lists. As an Information Professional, I have worked with bringing groups working in nonprofits into virtual communities and I KNOW we are asking A LOT of you.

Please share your thoughts with the group on this topic. We need to hear from you.

-- Stefan Taske (, April 18, 2001


I have spent enough time on this to conclude that for me it is definitely not worth it. I just tried to see the data sheet, only to be told that I am not invited to be a member of Adat Shalom. If any one wants me to see anything or wants my opinion on anything, please send me an email with the information either in the body of the email or in an attachment.

-- Judy Gelman (, April 18, 2001.

I totally agree with Judy. I cant get into anything but forum. I am a member of the JRF board with over forty people nationwide. We do everything by email including reviewing drafts, spread sheets etc. I am respectful of Michael's effort and awed by his multi- talents. But if i have to spend a lot of time just on the technology then I wont ber able to participate.

-- stanleynewman (, April 18, 2001.

I'm sorry you all are having so many troubles. I know when I set up a similar group for my teachers, initially there were some bugs we needed to work out. Once we got things smoothed out, it's worked pretty well and I've been very pleased!

-- Mary Meyerson (, April 18, 2001.

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