What dp NATO and Bonnie and Clyde have in common?

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Check this article out....notice they don't mention anything about "money or gold". I'm suuurrre they left it all in tact, just like Bonnie and Clyde would have.

NATO Troops Raid Bosnian Croat Bank The Associated Press, Wed 18 Apr 2001 Email this story to a friend Print this story

MOSTAR, Bosnia-Herzegovina (AP) For the second time this month, NATO-led troops on Wednesday raided a private bank believed to be the financial lifeline of Bosnian Croat separatist efforts.

Troops used explosives to enter the bank and removed all documents and computers, bank workers said.

The pre-dawn raid was done to collect evidence for an investigation of fraud and money laundering suspected at Hercegovacka Banka, said peacekeeper spokesman Capt. Lars Anderson. He said troops took the action because it appeared bank officers were trying to cover up previous activities.

Downtown Mostar was blocked by dozens of armored vehicles.

International auditors, supported by NATO peacekeepers, raided the same building and 10 other branches of Hercegovacka Banka on April 6. Bosnia's top international official, Wolfgang Petritsch, ordered them to install international administrators at the bank and allow government and international auditors to check the bank's business procedures.

But the raid prompted violent riots, which international officials said were organized by the hard-line nationalist Bosnian Croat party, the Croat Democratic Union, or HDZ. The party is leading nationalist efforts to break a part of Bosnia away from the Muslim-Croat federation and turn it into a Croat mini-state.

Several foreign auditors and 21 NATO peacekeepers were injured during the riots.

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-- meg davis (meg9999@al.com), April 18, 2001

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