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What do you people think of kinks and quirks (sexually based of course)? Any opinions? Any preferences?

Just something Ras and I were talking about earlier and I figured since our lives were over-shared on a daily basis, it's your turn....

-- Anonymous, April 17, 2001


Right. So I figure I'll be all brave-like and answer this.

I try to be as open-minded as I can possibly be when it comes to people's sexual quirks and I can understand the leather straps and the spanking and weird things that make my stomach turn when I think about it, but animals cross the line. I talked to some friends about this yesterday and J. this morning and I just really, really feel sorry for the animals. Please don't say the animals enjoy it because I'll have to beat you. The thought creeps me out to the extreme. Poor furry creatures. Strange, strange human beings.

So preferences? Gah. Well. Tying people up is a kink I have. I like being in control. I don't mind handcuffs. I can take being bitten as long as no blood is involved because that just brings back horrible memories. And blood doesn't mix well with sex. I don't want to be beaten, strangled, or any of those bruise-leaving things. I like ice. I like whipped cream. I don't want caramel anywhere near me again. Blindfolds are interesting. Role-playing can be. I really like walls. Pearls and an imagination can be quite fun.

Okay, that's all I'm willing to admit to right now. :) It wasn't so bad, was it?

Andy, dear god, I hope you don't read this, my innocent friend.

-- Anonymous, April 17, 2001

And you're a virgin?

-- Anonymous, April 18, 2001

I don't recall the issue of virginity as being part of the question...

-- Anonymous, April 18, 2001

Dear gods I hope that person was trolling. ::rolls eyes:: You can be in loooots of sexual situations and still be a virgin... I pity the foo who couldn't imagine such a thing.

Anyhoo... you two pervs...

I'm exploring the whole D/s-BDSM concept right about now. I enjoy being tied up, relinquishing control. There are so many pressures and decisions to make in my life, the illusion of having little control sexually can be a good relief from those feelings. I say illusion, because while play rape can be exciting, the real thing would probably scar me for life. And even if you're playing the part of submissive, you *still* have a certain amount of control over what goes on. I'm not a masochist. I'm not a slave. Blindfolds, riding crops, leather flogs, hand and ankle cuffs, sensory exploration, loooove having my hair pulled on, recently discovered the joy of having toes sucked on--it's a rush, that's for sure. I don't have any fetishes per say, but there are certain things that can and do drive me wild (::coughlonghaircough::) Definitely comfortable and open to trying everything.

I have a fascination with the taboo. I think that's where the animals come in for many people--it's taboo, forbidden, and therefore exciting. I'm female and I'll admit a certain curiousity, but it's doubtful I'd ever get into it. I'd like to get into some of those people's heads, though! Really wish I could understand what makes pedophiles tick, too. :/

Speaking of getting into people's heads... J., oh elusive one, you posted the Q... Ras posted her answers.. I think you should share too!

-- Anonymous, April 18, 2001

For the anonymous poster, I have a feeling I ought to be offended by your comment, but it just made me laugh. There's lots you can do sexually without losing your virginity, as Ms. Kinky said.

Okay, seeing as Ms. Kinky mentioned the hair thing, I have to admit that I love love love fingers in my hair. I'm not sure if that's a kink since no one's actually tugged hard at it, but gentle tugs or stroking my hair gets me all worked up.

Anyway, just had to get that in. :)

-- Anonymous, April 18, 2001

Hmm. What do I think of kinks and quirks is a totally different question than what *are* my kinks and quirks, isn't it? OK, I'm all for them. The more the merrier. I'm with Rasee on the animals, though, and primarily because she's right -- there's no way the animal's enjoying any of it. Yeesh. Get a blow-up doll or something. Icky.

I like ice. And I have a pair of handcuffs in my bedside table. I like guys whose hair is long enough for me to pull it. And, um, I can put a condom on with my mouth. But that's not really kinky; that's just me bragging. Too much information? Um ... yeah.

Oh, and talk dirty to me, baby. I can't get enough of that. I'm all over phone sex and role-playing and all that fun stuff. More than half the good stuff happens all in your mind. :)

-- Anonymous, April 19, 2001

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