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Last week I was in a store and a friend of mine introduced me to her son who was 11. He walked right up to me and said "I am going to be a minister when I grow up, I love the lord!" He is United Methodist and several adults laughed at him and said they did not believe it. The young boy just smiled and said "You wait and see I am going to be a minister." His mother said he has said that since he was five. I have a seventeen year old in my church who feels called to ministry. I am seeing young people being excited about God. Are you seeing this in your area?

-- Anonymous, April 17, 2001


Many of the missionaries and preachers I know are children of missionaries and preachers. I do not see many children of laity going in to ministry tho there are some.

It is a hard life. People think of preachers as money grabbers but most of the ones I know work a job along with there church. My church has 3 or 4 pastors on staff all the time and all work other jobs except the head pastor.

My pastor was told by his evangelist father that if he could be happy doing anything else to do it. He was set to study medicine when the Lord called him. God is in charge.

In Christ, Nathan Paujo

-- Anonymous, April 17, 2001

Nathan it is always good to hear from you. My daughter was 10 years old when I told her God had called me to be a minister. She looked right up at me and said "Just remember Mom, God called you and not me!" Well she is now 24 and one of the founders of St. Paul Community Church, our Religious Education Director and a powerful witness for God! By the way Nathan where are you?

-- Anonymous, April 18, 2001

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