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I have a T4 and it is great except for one small problem. When I try to change lenses, sometimes the lens sticks and won't come off. This happens with Konica lenses and other brands, so it's not a lens issue (it's gotta be my camera). Sometimes when I play with the depth of field button, the lens will come off. Othertimes, I have to keep working it back and forth until it does come off. It feels like it's hanging up on something. I noticed two little sliding pieces of metal at the bottom. Could the lenses be hanging up on one of these? How do I tell if they're bent? Help!! I love my T4, but I have to get this issue resolved. Thanks.

-- Anonymous, April 17, 2001


Sticky question...

Hi Scott,

I would strongly suggest taking the camera directly to a good camera tech, if you know one locally. Or send it to one of the Konica specialist discussed elsewhere on this list (Greg Weber, Strauss or K&S)... it sounds like something in the bayonet mount on the camera is out of whack (a technical term), whether it be the latching mechanism, AE linkage between the lenses and the camera or even just wear & tear on the mounting ring itself. It could be as simple as the latching mechanism being out of adjustment, not releasing fully when the button is pushed. But the fact that the depth-of-field preview button seems to have some effect makes me think it might be the AE linkage.

Since it happens on several lenses, you are probably correct that it is the camera body itself, not the lenses. I'd include a couple of the problem lenses to show problem to the tech of your choice.

I should ask, too, if you have ever removed the mounting ring from the body? The reason this occurs to me is I managed to get a lens "locked" onto an FT-1 when I removed the bayonet ring from an FT-1... when re-installing one of these, it's critical to reposition the latching mechanism in just the right place before tightening things down... or else the first lens that is mounted absolutely will not come off! I got it fixed, but it took hours and I pretty much had to destroy the front panel of the camera (which was fortunately available, cheap & easily replaced. A real object lesson for me!

I really like the T4, too... it's a great camera! Capable or things the later electronic cameras can't do and yet about the same size, very comfortable to use. Unfortunately only one of the three I currently own is working 100%... but I hope to get at least one more back in regular use, soon! My other favorite, but for different reasons, is the FT-1.

When I am out shooting, I usually use one of each... the FT-1 for longer lenses and handheld macro work, because it's a smooth, quiet operating camera... the T4 for anything with match-needle metering (mirror lenses & bellows) or DOF considerations, especially. Even when I'm not using it, I generally keep a Winder mounted on my T4... I prefer the weight and balance and think it helps me steady the camera, plus the strap on the right hand side is very useful.

Good luck with your camera... hope it's an easy fix (I suspect it might be in the right hands!)

Alan Myers, San Jose, Calif.

-- Anonymous, April 17, 2001


Thanks for the reply, Alan. I have never taken the mounting ring off the camera at all. While I am mechanically adept (I think), I don't want to rush into anything without at least a tech book to guide me. I guess I will have to take it into a shop.

-- Anonymous, April 18, 2001

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