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I'm seeking information on Mamie Pleasant (if I have her name right. She apparently was an African-American Madam in San Francisco who was an influential character. Does anyone know where I can find information about her?

-- Theresa Kersten (, April 16, 2001


Here are some website's that should be helpful.

-- Michael Binetti (, April 17, 2001.

Theresa, There are 2 books on her that I know of in the SF library. There is a plaque in SF in the side walk near where her house was on Octavia and Bush street

-- Craig Smith (, April 23, 2001.

You're looking for Mammy Pleasant, not Mamie. Her real name was Mary Ellen Pleasant.

-- Bill Roddy (, May 13, 2001.

For an interesting twist on Mammy Pleasant or Mary Ellen Pleasant, read the novel Pale Truth by Daniel Alef. He bases his principal character on Mary Ellen (in fact he calls her Mary Ellen) and it is fascinating. How accurate? I've read Mammy Pleasant by Helen Holdredge and I think it's fairly close. A fascinating account of SF history, too.

-- Jenny Corchoran (, September 06, 2001.

Looking also for information on M.E. Pleasants time in Glen Ellen, California on the Beltrane Ranch

-- (, September 09, 2001.

Here's some background on the Beltane Ranch in Glen Ellen:

History of the Beltane Ranch, including Mammy Pleasant

A site which intends to "free the truth from the legends"

Wow! How'd this happen? An LA Times reprint you can view on line without a fee (The LA Times charges for archive access):

-- Rosa Debonneheure (, September 09, 2001.

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