Yo guys i seriously need help...CALLIN OUT TIS>>>PLEASE HELP

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I just started my research paper...i was hoping i could get a good question in my paper...i need help...cuz i think i'm venturing into a large and too vast area...so please if u have any good suggestions...please would u be as kind as to notify me at my email address...thank u...

-- Anonymous, April 16, 2001


If you want the truth I would say pick a new topic!!! Everyone wants to do something on Poe because he is so mysterious yet in your face. I can't understand everyone analyzing his genius....why can't you just read it and appreciate what you got out of it? If you can't understand then turn to a dictionary...if you can't "feel" what he wrote then you don't need to read his works anyway. Pick someone that moves you emotionally...you wouldn't want to waste your time, at least get something out of what your researching.

-- Anonymous, August 31, 2001

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