Was Virginia Clemm forced into the marriage?

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Was his cousin Virginia forced into the marriage between her and Poe? because of what I have read it never said if Virginia was in love with Poe as much as he was with her, and her mother Maria didn't even give up fight over the age difference and if she would be happy or not. Please notify me if anyone out there knows! Thnak you!

-- Anonymous, April 16, 2001


I feel that they were very much in love. In some of his poetry, it talks about how in love they both were, and even in some of his short storys it talks about the love that they had for eachother. So in other words I feel that they were in love...I think that it was mutual. I hope that this helped somewhat, Ash

-- Anonymous, April 17, 2001


Over the last 40 years, I have had the oppotunity to read dozens of biographies, commentary, profiles and any number of opinions, beliefs and analyses regarding the life and work of Edgar Allan Poe. There are many general consistencies but there is one basic truth I have found to be absolutely consistent among his admirers and detractors alike. That is that Edgar Allan Poe and his wife, Virginia shared a mutual and profound love and devotion that most would envy and few possessed.


-- Anonymous, April 17, 2001

I believe that although poe loved virginia verry much, he may have been a borderline pedifile. I have read reports of him calling her "sissy" or "sis" which to me raises the question of him being attracted to much younger women than most. Even in his time it wasn't the fact that they were first cousins, but that she was so young that caused a contraversy.who is to say that this incestious relationship wasn't based on love, not me.

-- Anonymous, October 16, 2001


From my redings about Edgar Allan Poe and in all the literature he wrote I would say they were very much in love and had every reason to be.

-- Anonymous, August 26, 2002

I think that Edgar loved Virginia very much, her mom wanted the marriage for her own good. Virginia on the other hand didn't like the idea. She thought he was an ugly person not just how he looked but his personality too, he treated everyone like they were enemies even if they were friend. She did not like that about him, nor that he was twice her age.

-- Anonymous, October 07, 2002

I don't think she was forced. Marrying cousins was common back then and family blood line was very important to them. For example, if you had someone who commited suicide or who was mentally disabled in your family, people would not want to marry you because they figured in ran in your family blood. I think that the marraige between Virginia and Edgar may have been based on the fact that it was convenient as well. I also think they loved each other because Edgar actually waited two years before marrying Virginia (he fell in love with her when she was 11 but they were married when she was 13) which I think was out of respect and I heard in my American Lit class that she very much loved him too. I don't know if any of this helps but I hope it did.

-- Anonymous, October 22, 2002

I think that they were in love but no inlove enough to get married. in a way i do feel that Virginia was forced into the marriage but at the same time she had no complaints of the marriage.

-- Anonymous, September 18, 2003

Here is a Valentine, which Virginia Poe wrote to her husband. The poem expresses her hope that she'll get well, and that they'll both have peace from town gossip. Unfortunatly her wishes did not come true. She wrote it in 1846---by Valentine's Day of 1847, she would be dead at 24. It's an acrostic: the 1st letter of each line spells out his name. perhaps this settles some questions as to her feelings for him.

Virginia Clemm Poe Valentine to Edgar Allan Poe

Ever with thee I wish to roam - Dearest my life is thine. Give me a cottage for my home And a rich old cypress vine, Removed from the world with its sin and care And the tattling of many tongues. Love alone shall guide us when we are there - Love shall heal my weakened lungs; And Oh, the tranquil hours we'll spend, Never wishing that others may see! Perfect ease we'll enjoy, without thinking to lend Ourselves to the world and its glee - Ever peaceful and blissful we'll be.

-- Anonymous, September 18, 2003

Everythin I've read indicates that their relationship was playful, joyous, and sweet, and that Edgar was a tender and devoted husband.As for Virginia's feelings, I've read that she once shocked onlookers by kissing her husband with more passion than was considered proper in public.

-- Anonymous, October 05, 2003

From the reading of "Annabelle Lee", one would sumise that the two were mutually in love and wholly dedicated to each other. Few have the opportunity to share in such a genuine event if the poem holds true.

-- Anonymous, November 06, 2003

From reading some of the answers I thingk that Virginia was in love with him as well. To me I thingk that they bothe wanted to get Marid not caring about each others age.

-- Anonymous, November 17, 2003

i would believe so. many of his poems and storys contribute to such feelings. i graetly aquire the fact that she loved him with every fiber of her being.

-- Anonymous, December 08, 2003


-- Anonymous, April 15, 2004

if your still wondering..i have heard that at first she did not like it but she grew in to it....

-- Anonymous, September 20, 2004

I just read a letter written to Virginia's mother by Poe. In this letter he asks his aunt to ask Virginia's permission to marry him. since they did get married, i belive she loved him very much. And to the person that called us gay ass fags--FUCK OFF NOW!!!!!

-- Anonymous, February 10, 2005

I belive they were in love. From the information I have read on doing a report on Edgar Allan POe, she loved him. Her love was very powerful...and it was tragic for him when she died.

-- Anonymous, February 14, 2005

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