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I have WinOnCD 3.7 PE. I tried to burn photo album and vcd , Here is the problem. Software goes through whole process of burning cd without any errors. At the end of burn process when I check cd , cd is blank. Audio CDs are burned ok. This problem exsist with Nero and NTI CDmaker. I know something is missing but do not know what. Thanks.

-- Kiran Joshi (, April 16, 2001


Hi, did you check that the burning process is not started in the TEST mode (there is a soft switch for that in winoncd). Otherwise does your burner work with any other lind of data (e.g. audio CD) ? Cheers

-- Teodule de la Martinière (, April 20, 2001.

I suggest you try to upgrade your WinOnCD 3.7 PE with its last Service Pack. Version 572 is the latest, I believe. Good luck.

-- JW (, April 22, 2001.

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