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Ok, i'm very new to this and my english is not wery good either.

I want to build something that I can put under the track to detect when a train is passing over. The thing would let the current slip through when a train is over it.

I'm new to this but I'm pretty good with electronics.

-- Hans Wennborg (, April 16, 2001


This being a DCC forum I asume You look for a DCC system that has this capability. Have a look at this site: Zimo makes a trackdetection unit (MX9) that not only shows an occupied track but also gives You the train number for the engine and controls the engine if needed. (sets the speed You desire or brings the train to a slow stop.)

Hope that answers Your Question. Art

-- Art Luescher (, April 19, 2001.

It sounds like you are looking for an infr-red (invisible light beam) type of detector that shows a train is passing particular place instead of knowing if it is somewhere in a section of track. I suggest you check the following web site as I know nothing about electronics, but the site owner has been very helpful.

Regards Keith

-- Keith Webb (, March 12, 2003.

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