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Our video cd player does not anymore work for almost two years. It started when we played our vcd and after hours of use it produces a roaring sound and it suddenly stop. After that the vcd open and close button does not anymore function. We consulted it to someone who specializes this particular appliance but he said that it will cost as much as 4,000 pesos so it would be better to buy another one. I was not convinced of what he said that is why i want answers from other persons. I am also bothered because our VCD is not totally damaged. The tape,tuner and the aux still works, except for the VCD/Cd. It would be very hard for me now to buy another one because that was worth more or less 20,000 pesos , the brand is Philips. Just a couple of months had passed the vcd open/close button already functions but then if we place a vcd on it, the timer starts but there is no sound nor video that comes out. If we play the cassette tape and the tuner there is no problem. I want to ask whether the problem can be solved or is it really a big problem and what part of it is damaged. Kindly help me.

-- Jhonas Dampog (, April 15, 2001


i wish a kind hearted person would answer your questions.

-- jhonas dampog (, April 15, 2001.

Have U tried a variety of other VCDs both pressed and CD-R media or do you keep trying the same old one?? That the timer starts counting but there is no audio/video may mean that CD you're trying to play is NOT a legit VCD or something. What happens when you try an ordinary audio CD?? Try other audio CDs and VCDs known to play properly on other machines first.

-- Mehmet Tekdemir (, April 16, 2001.

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