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Welcome to the my internet page of Stirling

Since years I am developing Stirling engines and since years I have been looking for a design, that is applicable for Third World countries, to serve as solar water pumps or small scale power stations (< 50 Watts). Such a design has to be cheap in production and made of local materials , simple in design , easy to handle and support and robust ..

Lately a solution was found by discovering the Moving Cylinder technology (see description). This quite exotic looking concept of moving the cylinder, letting the displacer move freely, and having the piston fixed has some extraordinary advantages like simplicity and higher efficiency, than classical Stirling engines. The basic design has only two moving parts and works as a linear engine as well as a rotary engine

The MC design has a higher efficiency because of its discontinuous movement of its displacer. Usual Stirling engine have their 90 degrees phase angle between the power piston and the displacer. This leads to almost 180 degrees of 'misbehavior'. After the displacer has reached its dead centre the power piston is expanding for a further 90 degrees angle, while the displacer is lowering the average temperature by moving up again and vice versa for another 90 degrees angle when compressing. The Yoke-drive and the rhombic drive are a solution to that 'misbehavior', but they are expensive and need a high mechanical effort. In a MC Stirling this angle can be brought to a minimum with the help of magnets and/or springs. So, besides other applications (for example the MC Cooler) the MC Stirling is best for Low Temperature Difference Stirling engines like the solar pumps I intended to develop.

Soon you will find here:construction plans for a MC solar water pump (1m2 in size , linear engine) information on the MC Cooler news about the latest projects and researches on MC Stirling technology some more pictures

And soon, I hope, you will support the MC Stirling idea by building your own MC model engine starting your solar MC Stirling pumping project promoting it to others . Exotic Stirling Engines of mine Here in this section you will find my designs in model Stirling engine. Almost all of them were built and tested by me. Lots of them are Liquid Piston Stirling engines and all are powered by sunlight. All of them are model designs you can build yourself.

Seesaw Stirling engine (easy to build) Rotary Liquid Piston Stirling engine I Rotary Liquid Piston Stirling engine II Rotary Liquid Piston Stirling engine III MC_easy (most easy to build on your own ) MC_rocky (easy to build)

Tests showed, that all of the Liquid Piston Stirling engines (built) had only little power output, although they worked well as sunlight powered models. Soon some more do-it-yourself instructions will be added ! Your ideas are appreciated, so send me your comments, critics, and questions ! Hubert Stierhof, Frankfurt,Germany

-- Hubert Stierhof (, April 15, 2001


Here is a link to some simple water pump type stirling engine designs.

-- David Koch (, May 02, 2002.

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