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Hello Konica-User's,

here in Germany "old" Konica-SLR's get more popular. I wrote it a few weeks before to Mike LePard (Mike, do you remember?).

But not all Konica User's here named Dieter (Hi, Dieter Schuster).

I want to recommend a very good address for Konica , specially for User's in Europe (because of taxes and shipping).

For Konica-Equipment (buying, selling, repair, spares) pls contact

Foto und Technik M Holger Maack Fon: +49 (40) 7966666 Fax: +49 (40) 7960830

He was Chief technician after sales services for Konica Europe.

He is well known in the German Konica scene and my Konica's loves his services (overhaul, adjustments, repairs and modifikations).

And before I forget it: In his shop I saw a picture of the golden T3. It's real and the T3 looks very nice....... .

Greetings from Hamburg / Germany


-- Anonymous, April 15, 2001

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