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Wow! I am still basking in the glow of the resurrection. This is our first easter service at St. Paul Community Church in Bozeman, Montana. My sermon title was "The Greatest Love of All" and I sang the song of the same name. We had people come as far away as 400 miles and over mountain passes to come to church. We made a joyful noice. After church we had an easter egg hunt, and Easter potluck, My daughter cooked turkey, sweet potato pies, and a cake! We had dressing, corn, salad etc. And a good time was had by all! It really was a spiritual easter for the holy spirit was in the church. How about you? How was your Easter?

-- Anonymous, April 15, 2001


We had a wonderful Easter. Church Service was wonderful. The young people had a little pageant during the morning service.

My oldest son turned 27 on Saturday, the 14th. He was born on Easter Sunday, so we decided to celebrate his birthday on Easter Sunday. It was just family, but my family is growing so and we packed the house.


-- Anonymous, April 16, 2001

Yes, Rev Rodgers, it was a glorious Resurrection Sunday. It culminated an awesome week, 3-day Revival (9 persons accepting Christ on Tuesday and many healings), Maundy Thurs service and Good Friday service with the Ministerial Staff preaching the Seven Last Words. The Sunrise Service had the largest turnout in many years and the Victory March went very well. The 11am aervice at M.I.T. Kresege Auditorium was filled and 25 people answered the Invitation, several young people. Some were "rededication" and we consider them important but most were new members. There is a question on the board re: Spiritual awakening. It seems that we are in the midst of one here, "and the Lord added to their numbers daily those who were saved" I can not point to anything different that we are doing other than it seems that more members are tithing and the Praise and Worship Ministry has increased in numbers. Also Pastor is continuing encouraging strengthening Prayer Life, including Jabez Prayer (I Chronicles 4:9-10). We have had at least one person acceot Christ and/or join the church each week, except one, since the first sunday in September 2000. Its an Awesome God we serve!!!!!!

-- Anonymous, April 16, 2001

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