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I Friend borrowed my 6840 Performa. The hard drive boots (nice sound), but the monitor is black and I can do nothing to fix it. What is the proble

-- Susan Kagel (, April 15, 2001



From your description of the problem I cannot be sure what is going on. But some ideas:

1) Check the monitor's power cable and switch 2) Check the monitor's video cable at both ends, the monitor and the video jack on the Performa 3) Try the brightness and contrast knobs or settings if there is an on screen menu 4) Try another video cable between the computer and monitor 5) Try the monitor on another computer to make sure it's ok 6) Try another monitor with the Performa to make sure the Performa's video output is ok 7) See if there is a reset button on the monitor to zap its settings

Hope this helps,

--Evan Trent Technical Wizard

-- Evan Trent (, April 15, 2001.

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