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hi! i'm going to make a presentation about San Francisco. i'm from austria/Europe. can you tell me how many black people, chinese, hispanic, japanese people live in san francisco? Is San Francisco divided into different districts? if yes, how many and how are they called? please write back as soon as possible, thx, verena

-- Verena Bibaritsch (veri001@sms.at), April 14, 2001


Verena, You may want to try this URL:

http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?file=/chronicle/archive/2001/ 04/08/MN78129.DTL

There are links on this page that should be interesting to your research. Otherwise, do an article search for newspaper articles at:


Good luck!

-- Wolfgang Schubert (chouby@aol.com), April 20, 2001.

liebe grüsse - aber da kann ich dir nicht weiterhelfen ! versuch's mal mit unserem neuen ENCARTA (+ recherche - assistenten) hdl paps

-- Paps (Michael.Bibaritsch@PrimeConsulting.at), June 04, 2001.

Hi, I live in San Fran, well theres one person you know who lives here.

-- Johnny Good (johnnydogood@hotmail.com), January 06, 2003.

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