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Just a quick message to let all of you know about a source I found on the Net in Germany. they seem to have a huge amount of Konica equipment, although it isn't all that cheap. They have a lot of uncommon stuff like the 105mm f/4.0 and auto helicoid, interval timers, radio controllers, etc., etc.

Here is the web site:

Tom Hulit

-- Anonymous, April 14, 2001


Konica source in Germany

Tom, I came across the same site the other day and I couldn't believe the amount of inventory on his site. This guy has 3 locations in Munich and deals strictly in used gear. The prices are high and I don't know whether they include the European VAT. If it is included you MIGHT get a deal since the VAT should be excluded from the cost for US buyers. But, then you have to factor the shipping and any custom duties into the cost. Keep a-looking. The mother lode is out there somewhere. Dave

-- Anonymous, April 15, 2001

Second Hand Camera in Munich

Hi all,

last year I went to Munich, and I visited some camera steores. Among these there were 2 of secondhandcamera. One was closed, but the other one had pretty much Konica (the biggest amount I've seen) gear and other brands. But as you said, it is not very cheap.

If you are interrested, I may make a list of homepages of german camera stores, where I regularly look for used Konica gear.

Greetings Dieter

-- Anonymous, April 15, 2001

Buying from Germany/Overseas

Thought this might be of interest in this area of buying from Germany. I just purchased a lens I won from a Store in Germany (a 300mm Hexanon f4.5) for about $180USD 2 weeks ago (I got it last week). It was $180USD for the lens, about $40USD for express air shipping and a bank wire money transfer. When it got to Canada I had to pay $17 in tax, and $10 in customs fees. There was no "VAT" or Germany tax on the lens of I couldn't of afforded to buy it. haha. So the $180 lens was $247 after shipping, a bank wire money tranfer, taxes and custom fees.

I am buying a 85mm f1.8 lens from Dieter for a total cost of 300DM + shipping. I think if you buy something in Germany for Export, you pay the tax of the destination country when it gets there rather than the origin countries tax.


-- Anonymous, April 15, 2001

Oh, forgot to add..

The lens was in New condition and was never used, still had original un-opened packaging in the lens case! So I didn't mind paying the extra it cost to buy from Germany.


-- Anonymous, April 15, 2001

Good deal, Mike

Hi Mike, looks like you got a good deal on the 300! Nice lens. I notice one just finished on eBay at $410 (before shipping & taxes & duties, of course, from Barcelona Spain to wherever). Same lens was listed before but didn't make it's reserve. Same seller is also offering a 15mm Hexanon right now.


Alan Myers, San Jose, Calif.

-- Anonymous, April 16, 2001

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