FT-1 or FC-1 Interchangeable Focusing Screens?

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Greetings, A friend of mine who uses the Canon EOS cameras recently bought a grid pattern focusing screen for one of his cameras, and I was quite interested. As I do quite a lot of architectural photography, I am interested in a grid pattern screen for my Konica SLRs. Does anyone know if Konica ever made such a thing? I know that the focusing screens could only be changed by disassembling the camera (a big job), but I am still interested. Has anyone on this board experimented with this? Would the focusing screens from any other manufacturers cameras fit the FT-1, FC-1, T4 or TC? Thanks Tom Hulit

-- Anonymous, April 14, 2001


Focusing screens

Hi TOm,

Sorry, no I don't know of any interchangeable focusing screens for Konica cameras, made by Konica or anyone else... but...

Some time ago I made my own grid for my 4x5 view camera... I first experimented with a frosted mylar or clear and very fine drafting pen, found it worked quite well. Due to sliding the 4x5 film holder in and out , I ultimately went to a replacement frosted glass with similar ink lines on it. But the mylar might work in a 35mm camera... the biggest problems I would expect would be drawing a fine enough grid and would the slim piece of plastic "sandwiched" in there throw the critical focus off?

Let us know if you figure anything out. I've often wished for the same, would prefer that with a matte field, rather than the diaprism and split focusing target. There have been times something like a Beattie Intenscreen would be nice, too.

Alan Myers, San Jose, Calif.

-- Anonymous, April 26, 2001

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