If you use Canola Oil, THINK AGAIN

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I recommend that any of you who use canola (rapeseed) oil think again. We certainly have.

This is no joke - look at the URL - Our own government says CANOLA OIL IS A REGISTERED PESTICIDE:


You should also read this for the real story behind canola oil:


I think this information is worth passing on to your friends - you might save a life or two!

-- Mr. Canola Lover (canolalover@canola.org), April 14, 2001


Thanks. These are articles definitely worth reading. Now get ready to throw out your mayonaise, salad dressings, cooking oils (almost all contain a blend of this crap) nuts and cereals (note: many of these are coated before final packaging). It's a cheap food "extender" and is used extensively. Also, try finding a store bought bread that doesn't contain either canola or soy oils.

It's getting hard to find anything edible.

-- Ken (n4wind@sonic.net), April 14, 2001.

Aren't we supposed to be posting current news... keeping up with what's happening now... according to reputable sources? This canola oil scare has been circulating the internet a long while. It's poorly documented and doesn't deserve all the attention it's getting.

http://urbanlegends.about.com/science/urbanlegends/library/blcanola3.h tm?terms=canola+oil

-- vicki (smithfox@mind.net), April 14, 2001.

I read the FDA web page on the canola oil products to be used as bug sprays. It seems to me that someone has discovered that it's a non-toxic way to kill some bugs (rather than the other toxic insecticides). Just because it can kill bugs doesn't mean it's toxic to humans. For example, some of you may be aware that head lice (common in elementary schools) are getting more resistance to the OTC pesticide shampoos used to kill them. A friend's daughter got head lice, which still lived and persisted after using two head lice shampoos. Her pedicatrician then told her to slather regular mayonaise (not low fat ones) on her daughter's hair, cover her head with a shower hat, and sleep with it over night. It worked by suffocating the lice. When my daughter got headlice the following year, we skipped the head lice shampoos and used the mayoniase. It worked! I had also read on the Internet that soaking your hair with olive oil can also suffocate/kill headlice (but it didn't seem to work as well as the mayonaise).

So perhaps the canola oil is suffocating the bugs.


-- slza (slzattas@erols.com), April 15, 2001.

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