Why are you mocking the pain of Mr. Chu?

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To everyone who has made it their concern,

This group activity in "Frank's honor" is nothing more than a

heartless laugh at the pain of an individual who may be struggling

with a serious mental condition (for which neither he nor anyone

understands or has the resources to help). Carefully consider if you

would wish another person (or group) to seek entertainment at the

expense of your pain. I used to smile and laugh at Mr. Chu before I understood that his

behavior ("crusade") is part of great personal pain. I cannot and

won't speak for Mr. Chu, but I will say that it makes me very sad

when I see this treatment of others in pain (however innocent or well-

meaning). I believe I have some idea of how dismissively the school

kids that teased Andy or the Trenchcoat Mafia might have taken this

letter had I addressed it to them before the San Diego and Columbine

shootings. I guess that I want to believe that circuses discontinued

peep shows (of deformed individuals) for more than economic reasons.

And I want to believe that the way Charlie's co-workers treated him

in "Flowers For Algernon" was just fiction. But this event is yet

another example of why it's not.

This "ceremony" cannot be in the honor of Mr. Chu as he has no

awareness of it. This event is nothing more than a group of

individuals (adults) who have chosen to spend their free time hunting

down and mocking the pain of a fellow human being by praising the

manifestations of his problem(s). I would be ashamed to participate

in this cruel act. I see no difference between this event and

laughing at a homeless person over their condition (of which any of

us might someday be).

Instead, I would like live in a world where people spent more

of their time and energy helping others rather than hurting them.


T. A. Zadourian

-- Kat (catboy2424@aol.com), April 13, 2001


clearly your letter is a prank OR you are seriously out of touch with the email string on this subject. I do not recall anyone on this topic Laughing or mocking Frank. the ceremony & shoe giving is a sincere gesture of admiration with respect to his unique personality & tenacious crusade. Cacophony celebrates individuals like Frank (E. Norton) and what the contribute to our local culture. if you weren't so unclear or narrow-minded you might have known this.

-- Lauren Gaines (rabbitmiasma@hotmail.com), April 26, 2001.

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