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Suppose that I'm interested in analyse a specific change in iris color. The results will be = (the specific change) + (other possible changes, provided by other problems). What are the diseases that result in a significant change in iris color ?

The food can change iris color ? Where can i obtain information about this stuff ?

Very Thank You


-- Cesare Quinteiro Pica (, April 13, 2001


The disease most commonly associated with change in iris color is Fuch's Heterochromic Iridocyclitis, which is typically a unilateral (one eye only) inflammation of the ciliary body, with eventual iris tissue atrophy. In this condition, the iris loses texture and becomes more gray (loss of color).

Certain medical drugs (such as Latanoprost, used to control ocular hypertension) are known to cause an iris color change (a darkening) as a side effect.

Foods do not generally change the iris color, but chronic exposure to toxins can affect the iris color, usually by resulting in color spots.

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-- Jon Miles (, April 16, 2001.

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