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The weather is so beautiful here in Southeastern Indiana today. We're supposed to have a cold spell and even snow flurries by the first of next week. A few days ago it was summer, but today a wonderful spring day. My grandson and I planted 2 doz. cabbage plants, and I put in the cart while I cut the grass. He's 5 and has to go home in the morning. He's been here 2 weeks so it's time, it's gonna be hard on grandpa and grandma:~{

Hope your skies are as blue as they are here today. God Bless, Cindy

-- Cindy (SE In) (, April 13, 2001


We had some warm weather for a few weeks and then got sticking snow. Hope its gone soon! But, it is so pretty....

I've been itching to start seeds... They haven't all come yet, still waiting on the tomatoes and peppers. Usually have this done a month or so ago so that some plants are already in flower before going outside. I feel so far behind!!

Got to go to a parks and rec meeting, and am looking forward to being able to keep our little town afloat... Seems the population turns over about every three years. So, I proposed a Farmer's Market and a couple other things that were recieved very well!! I just hope I can do something to help out a little. Since I'm not out on the land yet, its nice to feel needed -

Bet you are going to need a cup of nice, hot, relaxing tea after your grandson leaves. I know how much you must miss him... I miss my daughter, too... Back in IL in school. But - I'll bet he's run you ragged trying to keep up!!!

-- Sue Diederich (, April 13, 2001.

Today was hot...well, since it's spring it seemed hot! Looked like it might rain, but never quite worked up to it. My wildflowers are blooming everywhere and I find myself relectant to mow because they are just too pretty to be trampled upon.

The neem oil seems to be doing the job against the fungus gnats, and things are coming up really well in the garden.

My itty bitty kittens have opened their eyes and are trying to walk instead of crawl. They can't quite figure out how yet so they are fun to watch crasprawling around. My banty rooster is acclimating to being in with the big chickens....he actually tried to get a hen today and met with brutal resistance!

All in all, it's good! God bless!

-- Doreen (, April 13, 2001.

Hubby got snowed in one day this week, learned how to use the pellet stove. Children and I here in Texas have had what is best described as summer colds the last few days; boys are begging me to turn on the air conditioner! I told them I refuse to start paying air conditioning bills in April;) Yesterday we nursed our colds, and today we got back to work. Finished painting middle bedroom, and got some mowing done(we do mow around the bluebonnets, Doreen;). Let the children stay up to stuff the plastic Easter eggs they will hunt tomorrow. Rain all around missed us, too, but we didn't need it;) I hope it misses us again tomorrow.

-- mary, texas (, April 13, 2001.

When the sun shines it is hot and steamy here in NE Texas. When it clouds back up, it is damp and cool, almost chilly. We had two inches of rain Thursday night. It poured and flooded the roads because it feel so fast. Now we are under severe storm watches for today and tonight, possibly tomorrow as well. Seem like we are under severe weather watches each Easter.

My ISP is getting snooty. Juno decided that since we are "extremely heavy users" of the unlimited pay service, that we should be paying 3 times what we are now. The contract doesn't run out until September, so instead we are suddenly having all kinds of trouble getting and staying connected. I am not renewing with them.

I ordered 100 chicks from Hoover's Hatchery in Rudd, Iowa, and have had them a week with no losses. I'm impressed. Usually I've had to throw out at least 10 by this time on an order of that size.

Hope you all have a good holiday.

-- Ava Green (, April 14, 2001.

OK, It's Sunday afternoon, I've just finished work (5.00am start) and I'm packing up the camper van to head up to Scotland with the grandchildren for five days (back Friday). Good Friday, Saturday and this morning were warm with blue skies and sunshine. About ten minutes after I finished my shift, it started raining and it will probably keep on raining until I get back home. Murphy's law, but what the heck, my skin's waterproof and the kids love splashing in puddles. Most of all, I really need a break.

On the negative side, I went to check over my polythene greenhouse before I go, and found some b&$tard has taken a sharp knife to the side hidden from my house and slashed it to shreds. I'll have to buy a new sheet of polythene now when I get back - hope it's not too late in the season. Another unexpected expense. Some folks can't leave anything alone. It's not that they want to steal anything, it's just that if they can't have it, they don't want anybody else to have it either.


-- Eric J Methven (, April 15, 2001.

We've had very spring-like weather here in NY, absolutely beautiful! My peppers and tomato seedlings just came up in the past couple of days (inside). I found a brand new kitten back in October, one morning while I was delivering my newspapers. I bottle-fed her, and raised her to a lovely cat. I call her Annie; well Annie has gone outside for the first time, and she loves it. I enjoyed watching her explore the yard, and lounge in the sunshine yesterday. Now for some serious sharing....some of you know that I bought land in Missouri several months ago, and that I just recently told the man I've been dating. He is not the homesteading type, and I really didn't think our relationship would continue on after I told him I was moving next spring. (Not that I wouldn't have liked it to, he's a great guy! We've been together 3 years, just never made any kind of long-term plans to always be together.) Well, just as I expected, he broke up with me the next day. BUT, by the end of the week, we we're back together, making plans to move to MO together and homestead! He's very excited about building a home for us, although he insists on all the luxuries like hot water, electricity, and a flush-toilet. He even has stated his preference for a milk-cow over a goat! Maybe there's hope for him yet! So, we've decided to take a trip in October to see the land, and decide where to put the house, etc. Can you imagine how thrilled I am?? You all have a great week!

-- Cathy in NY (, April 16, 2001.

I'm happy for you Cathy. It would be good to have someone that shared the same goals. And remember, there really is a lot to be said for running water, hot water, flush toilets, etc. I can live without them, but it's easier with them. Good luck!

-- Gren (, April 18, 2001.

Thanks Green! We had a long discussion about the pros and cons of a composting toilet, and I think that's the way we're going to go. Kevin's really interested in solar power, so he'll be busy learning about that, as well as how he's going to approach building our cabin. It's amazing how much info one can get off the internet!! I've subscribed to the weekly Hartville paper-can't wait to get the first copy!

-- Cathy in NY (, April 18, 2001.

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