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After several years of shooting 4x5 chromes, I've recently become interested in shooting B&W in this size and decided to purchase an enlarger. I've already narrowed it down to the Omega D series. My question is how large a print can be had from a D5 (or D2) versus a D5xl (or D2xl?) without wall mounting the enlarger. I know the column size is longer in an xl, but that's about it. I already develop and print B&W in medium format at a local community college lab and asked around, but they have no idea. I checked this site and on the web and can't find an answer. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

-- floren de la rama (, April 13, 2001


Floren, I started out with an Omega D-series enlarger, and just found the 1976 Omega product literature in my files. D3 girder length = 45", max. height = 55". D5 girder length = 42", max height = 52". D5XL girder length = 54", max height = 69". So the D5XL girders are 12" longer than the D5, and the baseboard on the D5XL is increased to 22 x 34", while the D5 baseboard is 18 x 26". The chart showing the on-baseboard magnifications indicates that the D5 and D5XL have the same minimum enlargement capacity, but that using, for instance, an 80 mm enlarging lens with a 6x6 cm negative, the D5 permits a maximum magnification of 10.2X, while the D5XL permits 14.2X. Using a 150 mm lens and 4x5 film, the D5 permits a maximum magnification of 4.4X, while the D5XL permits 6.5X (20.8" vs. 30.7").

-- Christopher Campbell (, April 13, 2001.

All I could add to Christpher's message is that you would and even larger image on the baseboard, if you used a 135 mm enlarging lens, instead of a 150.

-- David Grandy (, April 13, 2001.


There is a website called "Classic Enlargers" devoted entirely to the Omega D series. The site is operated by Harry Campbell (?) who also restores, maintains, and sells equipment for Omega D's. There is a web forum where you can ask questions. I apologize for not having the website at hand or I would post the address directly.

Good Luck,

-- Kevin Kemner (, April 13, 2001.

Ok, its Harry TAYLOR and the website is

Sorry to all.

-- Kevin (, April 13, 2001.

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