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Hi Guys!

Thanks for all the guys who helped me before (rich, jason, bobby and others!)

i have managed to make a VCD by capturing MPEG1 using my AllInWonder Radeon on my P4 1.5GHZ. the picture is ok but sound put it politlely, rubbish. its very low and crackly. im capturing from VHS (VCR TAPES) and sounds fine on the computer while capturing but on my home DVD player, rubbish. could the sound card be blamed for this, as it is the standard one that came with the Dell.

can someone please tell me the optimum resolution and theres all these other setings when capturing using ATI TV in mpeg1. theres all these mb per things. im sorry, but im a novice! can someone please tell me which ones to use that will give me optimum results please? i have full resources (1.5GHZ with 256 RAMBUS) SVCD quality any good?

Owe you guys one


-- Gaurave Sood (, April 12, 2001

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