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I have spent the last 28 years in a union environment as either a member or as a supervisor. 10 years of that time has been spent in the area of employee training and development. I've formed a company focused on providing leadership and business focus training for front line workers in companies looking to strengthen those apects of their work force. I've also rejoined a union to be able to work on employee development programs from the inside. My belief is that the relationship and rapport that I can establish will add significantly to the amount of buy in that can be achieved from the bargaining unit members. I'm amused at the response that I've gotten from the HR community so far. Most consider me to be the HR anti-christ due to the fact that I'm a union member trying to engage in bettering the relationship between management and the union. Some paradigms are too deeply entrenched. The most common question is "Which side are you on?" Makes me wonder, is the point of business to reach the highest degree of effectiveness possible, or is it to maintain the existing power barriers that keep labor and management apart. My belief is that in organizations that deal from an ethical deck, that what benefits one side will ultimately benefit the other. I'd appreciate any feedback to this approach, even if it's just to declare (affirm?) my lunacy. I applaud the positive approach that most members of this community have adapted to this area. Pura Vida, Tom Maher PRimary Development Company, Inc 3462 Creek River Drive Las Vegas, NV, 89129

-- Tom Maher (warriornv@earthlink.net), April 12, 2001

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