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im going to China soon, and will be in Guangzhou since 21/5/2001. My flight back to Malaysia is on 29/5/2001 , 7.15pm. So my problem is , when i arrive at Hong Kong on 28/8/2001 by bus from Guangzhou, how i can get to Qi De Hotel Kowloon which was booked my local travel agency for me . I looked at the maps, seems like Kowloon is far away from the boundary ( i guess ShenZen, am i right?? ). Whats the easiest and cheapest way to go to that hotel??? Any suggestion for me about shopping, foods, and fun during my stay even though its only a day . Thanks for your helping.... please respond before 14/5/2001.

Have a nice day , thanks.....

-- mimi mok (, April 12, 2001

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