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Hello Nigel and IOL it's been a long time - I 1st saw you on the Camel-tour 1977(?) You did a track called 'Travelling' - it's never appeared on an album and I havent heard it since - any chance on a new album some day??? Keep on playing magic Jon

-- Jon WHitfield (j0nwhitfield@aol.com), April 11, 2001


Hi Jon, yes Travelling was recorded for Breaking Cover in 1980 and was a cracking little spinny number which although different to live gigs version was enjoyable for me in both formats...I used to spin into it when in that tuning especially in mid flight of other songs in the same tuning and especially on festival gigs where the audience vibe just does 'that thing'. I have been abit overloaded with getting tracks for Ship re-release and finishing the Planet album with re-mixes by Banco De Gaia and Steve Hillage which will be coming out this year...but the site is now beginning to be updated more regularly recently with a friend in the states helping out. There will be a lot more activity from me apparent as I bring these projects to their long winded fruition this year. The first and latest albums still cover similar issues...s'funny how the state of us on this planets surface is still a predominant factor for me ...but the 'arts' has always tackled issues that where of iimport to the time...where does that Bush fella come from...planet Zog? anyway I am buzzing with anticipation to get the 2 albums out this year and will be in touch with everyone about it via the mail list and website . Thanks for the memory...Travelling...indeed...I'm going travelling, and I;m never more coming down, Going travelling, and never more touch the ground....If you think your living on another planet...when you think your living on another world.....Go travelling...etc etc etc....I will dig it out and look at releasing it along with other stuff I came across in the Ship re-release hunt...theres some good stuff to make a 'retrospective' CD sometime...it just takes ages renovating the tapes but at least we know how to acheive it...Be happy...I remember I think you visiting one time in Cornwalll with your lady..if you are the person of that name...if you are somone else then know you have a twin name somewhere!...Best wishes, Nigel M.J. Nigel

-- Nigel Mazlyn Jones (iol@cerbernet.co.uk), April 18, 2001.

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