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I've got a few ideas. First one would be for the teams to build a "pinewood derby" style car, to be raced down a hill. You could either have it to hold all four, talk about a strength requirement, or have them race down in sections, having to stop their vehicles to change drivers, they never seem to think about stopping these machines. Another idea is for them to build vehicles that are solar powered. It could be around a course either for a number of laps or, to make it more difficult, make it like a road course. That way they actually have to steer (unlike the last MPG episode, not much steering). A third idea is for the teams to build a sort of "tow truck" vehicle. A vehicle that can go to an area, pick up a designated item or move a certain amount of weight over to another area. For instance, one teams contraption might be able to pick up the whole item, and then slowly move it to the designated area (and possibly breaking down or falling apart) while the other team would quickly move a much smaller amount and just take more trips. And a final idea, for now anyway, have the teams build some type of vehicle to compete in a "demolition derby". They would have to find running vehicles, and not to mention tires. I'm sure you could mix it up so it wouldn't be as easy as it may sound. Afterall, junkyard wars is all about taking scrap and making it into something, which is fun, but it's just as much fun, if not MORE, to destroy it! The third idea came from the demolition vehicles that had to knock down the different walls. My personal favorite. Let me know what you think, thanks, Scott

-- Scott Przybysz (sprzybysz@hotmail.com), April 10, 2001


How about making a mud obstacle cource but have only one wheel in the yard and make the teams use more strange and unusual objects to win. It seems like they find everything too easy.

-- (Colbstrut1@aol.com), April 24, 2001.

i think that a rase car would be better.it would be more of achallenge and you would have more fun watching.seeing the cars at there top speed would be funny.thats wie i think a rase car would be better! thank you for your time!

-- Andy cook (jamesbond1523@yahoo.com), April 28, 2001.

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