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Can someone tell me if there are any binocular reflex viewers made that will fit an Ebony back?

I am leaving on a trip in June and would love to have one along.


-- Mike Kravit (, April 10, 2001


Hi Mike!

You can have Ebony customize a Horseman bino reflex viewer to fit. They did this for me when I ordered my SV45U2 via Badger Graphic, and it fits perfectly. I really like the viewer; very convenient, tho' it's rather bulky (but light) and takes up a lot of pack space. Ebony also attached an accessory shoe to the body of the camera; the viewer has a retaining wire that, for best stability, needs to be fastened behind a small knob that screws into said accessory shoe. I'm sure they could supply one that you could attach yourself; if you go ahead with the viewer, let me know and I'll make a few measurements to let you know the spot where you should attach it.

Very best, Danny

-- Danny Burk (, April 10, 2001.

Thanks Danny. I spoke with Jeff at Badger and he told me that they did it for you. Mine is now on order. Should be only a week or so.

Thanks Mike

-- Mike (, April 11, 2001.

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