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Ness Creek Board of Directors Meeting - March 25th, 2001

Present: Morgan Lawford (guest), Barry, Kathi, Brenda G., Kerri, Gord, Michael, Matt, Sharon, Sharon Gibson (guest), Mark.

Regrets: Brenda R., Jayson, Glen

1. Move to Approve Minutes of February BOD Meeting. Michael/Brenda. Carried.

2. Move to Adopt the Agenda. Michael/Gord. Carried.

3. Work Place Practicum Student Proposal. Move that we approve the proposal and that an agreement be struck between Personnel Committee and Morgan. Michael/Kathi. Passed.

4. Office Move Update. Costs thus far: $190.00, $140.00. Keys to be given out at “Executive Discretion”. Will be moving this week and weekend.

Move that the BOD contract the Crocus Co-op to move office at a cost of no more than $100.00. Michael/Barry. Carried.

5. duMaurier Grant. We were granted $5,000 -> increased Dance content.

Move that we increase Entertainment budget by $2,500.00. Kathi/Michael. Carried.

6. Financial Report. We (ALL COORDINATORS) need to document all “In-Kind Donations” in dollar values with a signed letter from donor confirming value. Jen to distribute forms for coordinators to document donations.

7. Jack Millikin: Order of Canada. Move that Ness Creek nominate Jack Millikin for the Order of Canada. Gord/Matt. Carried.

8. Heather Pocock. Move that we give Heather Pocock a complimentary Festival Ticket and (1) Backstage Pass. Michael/Oriol. Passed.

9. Radios. Deferred to later in the meeting.

10. Review Insurance Policy. Jen to follow up with questions (from Kerri) regarding the Insurance Policy and will report at the next meeting.

11. Craft/Raku Firing. Move that the Craft Coordinator have discretionary powers to limit number of vendors selling same objects/services. Brenda/Mark. Carried.

Move that the Site Committee be authorized to find space/site for Raku Firing. Michael/Oriol. Carried. 12. Radios. 25 radios and 40 battery packs needed. Suggestion to get sponsorship of radios in exchange for signage, journal promo, mainstage mentions. Ken to work with Gord towards getting the best deal possible.

13. Food Services. Jen to prepare Vendors and Menus plans for Board approval. (April or May mtg)

Develop new Criteria for Vendors; ad hoc Committee- Tanya, Jen, Gord. How many sites? Reefer Space? Self-Sufficiency? Electricity increase power? Charge for power? Should they have their own liability insurance? What do other festivals do? Investigate cost of 1 tonne reefer.

14. Journal - Spring Issue. Policy: No Pets. No Early Arrivals/Late Departures.

We will be enforcing “Zero Tolerance” of Pets on Site. Gate opens at Thursday at Noon.

15. Planning Document.

Value Statement: We value Creativity, Fellowship, Respect, Honesty, Generousity and Responsibility. We believe that decisions and actions guided by these values generate the conditions necessary for self realisation, sustainable community development and a healthy environment.

Personnel Committee to draft a Job Description for Volunteer Coordinator.

16. Web Page Report. 25 hits a day approximately. Needs information from Board regarding events, etc..

17. Festival Planning Workshop. May Coordinator meeting is postponed until June, a Site meeting will be held on April 28th that all Coordinators are welcome to attend.

18. Next meeting April 22nd at Amigo’s, 1:00pm.

Move to adjourn. Kathi/Gord. Carried.

-- Anonymous, April 10, 2001

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