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I am in a fierce discussion with my school colleges about which Web-editor we should use for our e-Commerce course. During these classes the students are making a relatively simple, but working website.

To help me in this discussion I need some information about the number (or percentage) of Frontpage users, and of course other programs like HomeSite, HotDog and Dreamweaver (etc.).

If anybody could provide me with these figueres, I would be very gratefull.

Thanks a lot!

Frans van het Schip International Business School (IBS) Breda, Holland

-- Frans van het Schip (, April 10, 2001


Dreamweaver!easy to learn, simple interface yet very capable, clean code. Front page is easy to use, adds things to your code you don't ask for, and of course the evil empire is trying to push "Front Page extensions" try a pro tool, you'll like it

-- richard medisch (, April 10, 2001.

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