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!!!STOLEN!!! from the BlackCanyon National Park Misty Mountain Titan Harness 2 Daisy Chains 1 Grigri 4 Black Diamond etriers 2 Petzl Jumars (blue and gold) Black Diamond Fifi hook Several Metolius and Black Diamond Cams 2 sets of Black Diamond Stoppers 1 set of Black Diamond RP's Roughly 20 biners (some locking) Everything was originally marked with orange tape.

Between the period of 3/29 and 4/4 I had a cache of gear taken from atop fixed lines in the Black Canyon National Park. This is a FEDERAL OFFENSE and is being pursued by the park service as FELONY THEFT! My gear cache was left atop a route called Black Planet, at a point on North Chasm View Wall 35 ft. below the rim. This area is located between the topouts of High and Dry and the Air Voyage. The climbing world is a small one and I would appreciate any info anyone had. I would especially like info on ANY visitors to the Park's North Rim during this time, as they may have seen someone shady. Someone went to a lot of trouble to create a lot of bad karma for themselves. However I am willing to DROP ALL CHARGES and remove Johnny Law from the equation with the return of my gear. Any beta at all will be rewarded KINDLY!!!!! BRENT ARMSTONG (970) 641-1178

-- brent armstrong (, April 10, 2001

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