YV12, YVU9, VYUY, etc. qualities

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I can find technical specs on the different CODECs listed above but no place that give a visual description of the perceived quality. On my ATI rage fury, YVU9 looks much better than YV12 but I can't find any reason for that

It would be nice to compare resulting file sizes so you could trade off quality versus size. Populity is another important aspect.

-- Kevan O'Meara (omearak@littongcs.com), April 10, 2001


Here's a page with some details regarding size, compression etc. of various ATI codecs and others as used with the ATI All In Wonder cards. There are no actual "quality" comparisons but it does give you details on "compression" numbers which of course will affect final quality somewhat.


-- rich@pcphotovideo.com (rich@pcphotovideo.com), April 11, 2001.

Some cards, especially the ati cards, act differently with codecs than what is originally planned. This can be manufacturing in the card or the way that you have your settings presented in the reg keys and ini files. Actually, its what makes other companies be able to sell thier cards as well. The ati card is good in most instances but for a card that is universal and adaptable to most every single system and cam i can find switch to a usb dazzle card, faster, easier and much better with all the codecs in general... good luck mp

-- mouthpiece (webmaster@labia69.com), February 06, 2002.

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