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I promised my wife I would submit this idea for a JYW challenge: Lawn vaccuums. You know, those gas powered, wheeled outdoor vaccuum cleaners that suck up leaves and sticks and kid's toys and small dogs? Yeah, that's it! What do you think? Hey, the competition could be to clean up the junk yard a little!

-- Chip Haynes (, April 10, 2001


Chip,you must love to bait us with these ideas! I think this would call for a uncorked noisey exhaust,over engineered V8 powered lawn vac of demented proportions......something capable of sucking up your neighbor if they got in the way.It would have to be self propelled of course,and that's where some innocent "fun" could be had.The competition for the next day could be running a course set up as a debris field of things that you want to pick up (for points),and things you don't (take points away)what a fun ride .....look out for that cat!!MEOW!!

-- Matthew Kenney (, April 10, 2001.

Talk about your cartoon based visuals...Now this would be fun!

-- Dan Denney (, April 10, 2001.

Don't go all crazy and suck up yourself, but think, if you vaccumm up the other team you would win by default. Imagine the fun of trying to dodge a car sized sucking machine... The possibilities are endless here.

-- Ross Louch (, April 10, 2001.

Oh, I see, like a snow blower! ..except the grass would not leave and fly out? You could hook a hot air balloon on the back to catch the grass, significantly reducing the times the bag must be emptied. If you use my idea, don't forget to mention my name, okay?

-- Julie Summersell (, April 11, 2001.

why not use a suck machine?

-- Dan Summersell (, March 20, 2002.

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