Hate for Profit

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I am a Republican with more questions than I have answers. As a televisions talk show host, I know of several media personalities who spread hate about Clinton because it helped to up their ratings. Then voted for him in both elections. In private they talk about their audience as if they are imbeciles. This to me seems like a very risky process. It is my feeling that these people do a vast amount of harm. I have not yet come to the conclusion that Republican leaders are right about Democrats being without leadership, courage, or backbone. That they are cattle ready for the packing house. I say, we had better remember that that was the thinking that got the Democrats into trouble. They misjudged us the young Republicans. Two weeks ago I attended a meeting where people were being told not to worry, that the Democrats were mostly broke minorities, and that we were going to see to it that they stayed that way. My questions is, how do you do that, and is it a good idea to do it. That kind of thinking takes me back to a dark, dark time for not only America, but for the world. Clinton as a person was a disappointment, but I have been a disappointment in the same areas. Bush has a train load of mistakes, is it going to help us if the Democrats turn his cold sore into Aids? Will that make us stronger as a country. I have no right to ask Democrats to give Bush a chance after the way we treated Clinton, but I am doing just that. Thank you! vanquish.com

-- Anonymous, April 10, 2001


first, I do not believe you are a conservative, which may explain why no one has replied to your rambling. I know of no personalities who "spread hate about Clinton," but I do know several who are willing to call him what he is.. it is just that the truth about Clinton hurts.

And, yes, the liberals are mostly broke minorities and lower class (except for celebrities, which is a whole other story)-- they keep it that way so they will have a voter base. They like having the minorities poor and ignorant, that way they can blame conservatives and the poor, stupid people believe them. The question the poor need to answer is: you been voting for democrats for years and your situation has never changed so why do you keep voting for democrats? especially since the democrats have held the House and senate for most of the last 50 years.

The liberal voter base explains why no liberal talk show host can survive on radio... the liberal base is mostly poor so they cannot buy the sponsors' products. They just want more food stamps, more welfare, and more unemployment benifits etc, so they vote for liberals to give it to them -- and liberals give it to them so they will vote for liberals. Get it?

When the poor and minorities figure out that they can do pretty well in this country if they get up and go to work every day, they are going to be pissed...they will probably burn down the democratic national headquarters.

The Primary difference in liberals and conservatives (and why I can tell you are just a liberal) is this:

Liberals believe "you're too victimized and can't do anything yourself so let us help you with this program and we'll force your neighbor pay for it."

Conservatives believe "If I can do it so can you. So get up, quit whinning and do it!!"

of course, George Wallace (a big democrat from Alabama) said in his presidential campaign "there ain't a dimes worth of differens between republicans and democrats." But after his presidential run as a "Dixiecrat" he never again gave up his monacre as a Democrat. He knew, as all liberals know, as a democrat he could control the minorities and prevent them from excelling adn they would LOVE him for it!! and he did as do most liberals today.

-- Anonymous, October 20, 2002

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