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I am a canadian looking to author vcd's. VCD's as far as I know are not the norm in north america - non the less I have a client that is looking for my company to author vcd's for a special pupose.

My research has lead me to believe that I need Cequadrat Videopack 4.0. I know that EZ CD writer (Adaptec) can creat vcd files, but I must have a menu for my client's specific aplication.

Cequadrat (as far as I know) no longer makes or suports videopack. Does anyone know how I can get this program?

I'll pay for a used copy.

If any of the information above is in error, please feel free to critique - I'm a newbee at vcd tech

thank you

-- alex smith (alex@matrixpost.com), April 09, 2001


I am not such a pro but I think that Win on CD 3.8 has VideoPack functionalities integrated, at least part of. I think it may be also true for Win on CD 3.7 (as 3.8 is claimed to be German release only - but still software is in English but no English manual). For me having Videopack or use this extended Win on CD functionality is a nightmare anyway but some of our friends here posted the link to nice short manual on this subject - you may want to dig it out too before you start. Good luck. Marek

-- Marek Malinowski (marek.malinowski@skanska.pl), April 10, 2001.

try this site, http://www.cdr-warez.net/ go into the software section and there it is under cequadrat, hope this helps

-- dave (shadowlands2000@hotmail.com), April 16, 2001.

I'm in the same situation. I need a used copy of videopack! My problem is that I have a VCD with my home movies. I was hoping that Videopack would allow me to take a frame which features a family member and have the picture printed out.Anyone knows if this would work with Videopack or shd I look at some other programs like the Adobe premier 6.0 which I have? Regards James Singapore

-- (hfneve@cyberway.com.sg), April 28, 2001.

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