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How do I convert MPEG2 files (e.g. m2v files) to MPEG1 (mpeg or mpg)? If this is possible, what FREEWARE/SHAREWARE can I use?

The reason for this is really to SHRINK some MPEG2 files I got from the net into small sizes (MPEG1).

Also, if this is possible, will the QUALITY of VIDEO/AUDIO be WORST??


-- Mike (, April 09, 2001


I have a couple of suggestions. I think you could do this with TMPGenc (, although I've never tried to do so. ReMPEG might also do it. I know that you can re-encode MPEG-2 video at a lower bit rate with it, which will shrink the file. I'm not sure if ReMPEG can produce MPEG-1 video output or not, but it might. The audio quality might degrade depending on your source, video quality will definitely be worse if you go to MPEG-1. Anytime you re-encode at a lower bitrate you will lose quality.

-- Jason Shumate (, April 10, 2001.

All you need to know is at this link:

-- Shuo Huang (, April 10, 2001.

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