Epynt Disaster (FMD U.K.)

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Panic Measures will Trigger Environmental Catastrophe

The Rivers Towy and Usk, designated SSIs (Special Sites of Scientific Interest) may be about to become open sewers if the government goes ahead with burials and burnings at a site which could accommodate up to 1 million sheep and cattle carcasses at Epynt the source of the tributaries feeding these rivers. Llywel, close to Trecastle on the A40 will be the access point for the lorries. This area is presently free of foot and mouth disease.

The first consignment of carcasses arrived on the 5th April and continue to arrive in large numbers. Not all the lorries were sealed properly which was obvious from the smell of the rotting carcasses. In addition one of the lorry drivers got lost in Sennybridge which resulted in a disinfectant spillage. The burial of sheep carcasses also started on the 5th of April plus the burning of sheep and cattle. We understand they expect to burn up to 900 cattle carcasses and bury 180,000 sheep in this first trench. The total area fenced off for the burials is 1 kilometre by 0.5 kilometre. The school at Trecastle has been closed and there is the fear that it will not reopen.

As well as the possible spread of foot and mouth disease (which apparently lives on in the bones of the animal after death) and possibly even BSE, there are the additional hormones and chemicals, particularly disinfectants, used to suppress these diseases. Regarding sheep, there is the additional problem of organo phosphates (nerve gas) and synthetic pyrethroid which may seep into the rivers. Also veterinary surgeons have advised that other diseases can be spread in the water such as leptospirosis and salmonella. We have been informed that the body fluids will reduce the amount of oxygen in the rivers causing fish to die and that the pollution will be worse than raw sewage or waste from an abattoir.

Besides the obvious risks to health of people and pets going anywhere near the water, the livelihood of thousands of people in the Towy and Usk Valleys could be destroyed. In addition, a number of local people are not on mains water and use spring water which could become contaminated. This has been pointed out to the Welsh National Assembly and we hope that they will act quickly to stop the disposal at this very sensitive site.

The pollution of the rivers will remain long after foot and mouth has been eradicated. If you live in the Towy or Usk Valleys, please help in any way you can and by contacting your local MP, AM or your euro MP. Further information from 01874 636960.

Please support us in our action

-- Adam Whaley (byrlip@lineone.net), April 09, 2001


I can't remember which verse in Revolations states that a third of the waters will be deseased but if this FMD thing goes world wide like it's heading we could chalk our days as end times. Not an official doomer here, just call it as I see it.

-- NdewTyme (NdewTyme@NdewT.com), April 09, 2001.

Am I worried when they can't spell. I don't think so. My God taught me the spellings. He taught me to read, his words. He showed me the fact my ancestors canned their foods, and ate them eight years later, no matter the Modern Day fools, which place a one year limit. and they toss them out, and hope to prolong physical existence. Your Folly. One Should Listen...............

-- Why Can't Anyone Spell? (andIam@sticking.com), April 09, 2001.

Adam, the people there must be going through hell. The smell alone must be a nightmare, not to mention the heartache of losing all those animals. My thoughts and hopes are with you.

-- Rachel Gibson (rgibson@hotmail.com), April 10, 2001.

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