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what about a "Rube Goldberg" device I remember building them as a kid the point of it was to take X ammount of steps to do a specific task feed the dog, wash the dishes, put out the trash, wake someone up usually you took 12 to 20 steps to do what would take only one or two and you had to have a number of manditory aspects an ariel, a spinner, ups and downs and flips all to get the pay load to accomplish the task you could have powered and non powered sections the that has the most steps and is succesful wins

-- linda v austin (, April 09, 2001


RGD's have been suggested a number of times, and the sticking point has always been how to determine a winner. These things go beyond the usual simplistic ideas of works/doesn't work or of quanitfiable results, and get into the realm of art. (So if you go up against Art Attack on this one, you're sunk.) Still, how about this one: And RGD to start a car. It would have to turn the key and press the gas and get the car to idle. The one that works, wins. If they both work, the one with the most seperate operations wins.

-- Chip Haynes (, April 09, 2001.

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