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I am looking at buying a pair of winter boots for climbing Shasta, and just plain snowshoeing in. I have found a pair of Trezeta evolution mountaineering boots on sale but nobody seems to no the temp. rating on them. I am also looking at the salomon powderspikes but don't know how good they would be for mountaineering, please help.


-- Danny Wasson (, April 08, 2001


For Shasta, some Asolo Clasic's would be ideal, Leather boot with seperate liner and the fully rigid sole off the Asolo AFS Plastics. I spent 11 days in near white out, snowcaving in the Southern Alps in New Zealand & it was the first time I'd ever got cold feet in these.

Oh, & they're fairly cheap & REAL comfy, so good for low level mountaineering.. After looking around for a few weeks I'm upgrading to Plastics (Asolo Expiditions) next week. I'll let you know...

-- Matt (, May 30, 2001.

If you want a plastic double boot, the Koflach Degre's are pretty damn cheap. They retail for like $255 and you can replace the liners with warmer ones if you want to. They're made for mountaineering, and i thought they were pretty comfortable. Leather has it's advantages, but i love the warmth of double boots.

-- Jim Davis (, March 20, 2003.

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