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As Weegee has shown us, flash is a very useful addition to hand held 4X5 photography.

Is there an easy way to attach a flash to a current production Linhof Master Technika using the bracket now used for the right hand grip? The bracket mount to the right of the rangefinder was originally designed for the attachment of a flashgun (the Star Wars handle type). Is there a specific type of adaptable older flashgun whose handle slides and locks into this bracket? Is there some kind of adaptor available to mate a handle or grip to the bracket mount on the Technika?

Alternatively, one could canabalize the attachment bracket of an expensive Linhof right handed grip and mate that to a machined aluminium cylinder shaped like the handle of a flashgun. On the top of the cylinder you could attach a Quantum Q-flash, resulting in a compact handle mounted flash system.

Imagine, a hand-held 4X5 camera with auto-exposure...

-- Mark Nowaczynski (, April 07, 2001


Jones Flash Brackets in Hollywood makes the E Clip bracket for handle mount flash units that fits on the right side E Clip bracket on the Technika.

-- Bob Salomon (, April 08, 2001.

Where would the Linhof community be without the knowledge, expertise, and unselfish participation and devotion of Bob Salomon to this and other discussion forums.

Jones Brackets was bought by the Veach Company when the previous owner was in his eighties. They do manufacture the otherwise long out of use E clip clamp for attaching accessories to Jones brackets. This also happens to be the clamp used to attach old flash guns (and handle mount flashes) directly to the right side of the Technika. They even make a larger size for larger Metz flashes. See:

(follow links to Jones brackets and then Jones accessories).

The handle of a black 4 or 5 C battery Mag-Lite adapted to hold a Q- flash at one end can now be attached with an E clamp directly to the right side of the Technika. A modern auto-exposure flashgun with a definite retro look...

-- Mark Nowaczynski (, April 09, 2001.

Besides, foil packaged 120 film fits nicely in the flashlight handle of the C size battery Mag-Lite.

-- Mark Nowaczynski (, April 09, 2001.

Thanks to the Jones bracket accessories I have made an elegant flash handle for the Technika. A Mag-Lite 3 D size battery flashlight provides the handle on which I mounted the Jones J26 flash cup adapter (after partly filing the threads at the top of the flashlight). The J28CT large capacity strobe clamp fits (with a little bending) around the Mag-Lite D size flashlight handle and thus provides the E clamp for the mounting rail on the Technika. The Q flash fits on top, and presto, autoexposure flash for hand-held 4X5 shooting! Regards from Toronto, Mark Nowaczynski

-- Mark Nowaczynski (, May 02, 2001.

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