Discrimination in Dept of Ag. 504 loans for the superpoor

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I got a Dept Of Ag 504 1%loan for the very poor. These loans are targeted at the frail elderly or disabled who live in rural areas and are usually isolated. I am elderly and disabled and was unable to look at the work that was being done.I was told nothing would be paid for until it had passed inspection by the county. The loan officer authozized payment of over $10,000 for work which had not been done and told me it had been inspected. She must have gotten a kick back I wrote and complained and the only investigation that was done was to ask the loan Officer if she had done it. She said no. /The 3 people who were here and heard and saw what she did were not interviewed. The contractor is judgement proof. In combing the Dept of Ag.internet sight I find that all the people who have financial dealings with the Ag. Dept have some procedures set in place whereby they can file a greivance or file an appeal. Not so for the superpoor who qualify for these loans. If the loan officer steals part of the loan there is nothing they can do. These people have a licience to steal. Isn't that discrimination? They know we are powerless. How do you file a discrimination suite?

-- jacqueline a class (gramaw077@juno.com), April 07, 2001

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