8 year olds suggestion

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My 8 year old loves your show too. He thinks that it would be a good program to have airplanes that can fly in the air and that can ride on the ground, and float on water. (Actually, both boys fought and argued over their ideas). They truly enjoy your show, and feel their ideas are the best.

Thank you,

Greg Seaman Alex Seaman

-- Greg Seaman (Gregnsally@aol.com), April 07, 2001


My son Grayham, who is 8 years old, thinks the teams should build a digging machine.

-- Jeffrey Seeberger (jdseeberger@hotmail.com), April 08, 2001.

my son would like to see them do a show on rocket cars.

-- ray rolston (rayrolston@yahoo.com), April 08, 2001.

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