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Let me fix ya right up! Been doin this for years and it works every time. At the first onset of your sniffly nose, achy joints, or that nasty cough take some of Dr. Boswell's root juice. It won't kill ya or even make ya dizzy, but it will make every day seem like Friday when everybody else is miserable with the shits, shakes, and a fever. Go to your local Vet Clinic and pick up the livestock Terramycin Soluble Powder and stir it up in your orange juice in the morning and your Bloody Mary at night before bedtime. Add some cayenne pepper, lemon juice and chase it with four devil eggs. It's a great antibiotic and only $4.25 a package. That'll last you 4 years! Damn sight cheaper than a doctor appointment just to get a prescription. You can get penycillin and erythimcyin in the pet and fish store in capsull form. They use it in aquariums to cure fish diarrea and clean up the water.

Vets have been fixen themselves up for years. Local vet down at Orofino tried to give himself a vasectomy a few years ago and his Medical doctor wanted to be there to see him do it. Loyd fixed up a bunch of mirrors so he could see what he was a doin and he got the left side done cause he was right handed but halfway thru the rightside procedure he got kind of woosy and kept droppin the vaserin dems cord. He yelled Uncle and said he'd had enough and his doc took over. Doc Livingston said Loyd had bigger balls then anybody else in the county for doin that!

-- Boswell (, April 07, 2001

NO, your antibiotics will have zero effect on the flu. Bacteria yes,

Funny Bos, But if you really want to beat a cold in it's early stages when it is still viral, have some ZICAM zinc nasal spray from the drugstore handy and give your nostrils a squirt as soon as you start feeling one coming on.

-- Anonymous, April 07, 2001

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