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I capture my AVIs by Virtualdub using MPEG4 codec, FULL PROCESSING MODE.

I tried to do some editing (cutting only) of an big AVI but when I save the "segment" of my choice, it saves the segment but it is UNCOMPRESSED which means it is BIGGER that the original FULL AVI.

Why is that?

I do my CAPTURE & EDIT based on the TUTORIALS on www.vcdhelper.com.

Are there any other FREEWARE (or SHAREWARE) that can do AVI editing (Cut&Paste/join etc) better than VDub?

-- Mike (mikester_the_mp3_man@yahoo.co.uk), April 07, 2001


VirtualDub initially defaults to uncompressed which is far BIGGER than MPG4. You need to select /Video/compression/DivX Low-Motion to save your segment as DivX.

You can save your settings by selecting /File/Save process setting/

-- me (snake_mountain@hotmail.com), April 10, 2001.

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