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I was just wondering, With Tome Raider comming out and with the rumors of an Aeon Flux movie, I created a picture of Femke Janssen with Aeon's hair. I think Femke Janseen is a perfect candidate to play Aeon Flux. Visit this site to see for yourself:

-- ShylocK (, April 07, 2001


absolutely not. af is a femme fatale. fj simply isn't. sorry but you'll have to try again.

-- jg zen (, April 10, 2001.

Carrie Ann Moss. please, think about it. if not her then british model vanessa upton ( or there was a woman in the ald cornetto ad where they go up in a lift to party on the roof. or was it calyppo? anyway, yeah...

-- Shteeve (, May 21, 2001.

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