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I've used a MPP mk8 4x5 together with a De Vere 54 enlarger happily for 3 years now. However, I would like to try 8x10 & contact printing. The Wehman 8x10 seems a be a capable & rugged camera at a reasonable price but I've not seen much mention of them. Has anyone had experience with these cameras?


-- Russell Fox (russell@ranhill.po.my), April 06, 2001


See the new review by Paul Stimac on the LF page: http://www.cs.berkeley.edu/~qtluong/photography/lf/cameras/wehman.html

-- Q.-Tuan Luong (qtl@ai.sri.com), April 16, 2001.

I purchased the Wehman 8x10 and like it a lot upon examining it. I say that because I have yet to make an exposure with it since I'm just getting into 8x10 and have had to deal with many issues, like getting lenses and holders and other accessories. I'm taking my time with these things, but I have done some test-run type setups and the design really appeals to me. It looks like a military item more than an old Deardorff aesthetically. Very practical and tough. It does have geared focusing (rear) but otherwise is manual/friction based. It is all quality made with boards made of phenolic resin rather than wood, and quality metal knobs and framing. It folds up to be quite small; only about 2 1/2" deep, and you can leave a small lens inside (Nikkor 300mm f/9 for example). It does have a mind of its own when folding it back up but you get used to that.

You can get pretty good movements although Bruce recommends a monorail camera for things like architectural shots. You can put it through rear swing and tilt if you want as well as front. The back is removable for vertical or horizontal, and it has a nice easy to use bail for the film holders. It seems to lock down quite solidly, you do get some shake if you tap it but not from mild breeze. My first exposures are going to be long ones so I'll let you know about the results.

Mine was the last of his first run of cameras; his new ones have incorporated some changes about which I'm not familiar. I would imagine they would be good ones. I think Bruce has been great to deal with; lots of (impartial) advice and has drilled lensboards for free several months after the sale (I told you I've been taking my time with this!)

All in all I'd check out the Wehman line and I think he'll send one out as returnable if you don't like it. Since I got it I don't wish for any other camera.

-- Jonathan Smith (jonathan@musicstudents.com), April 11, 2002.

I tried to browse to Wehman's web site, but it seems to have died in the @home shut down. Does anyone know if the content was moved somewhere else, or mirrored?

-- Pete Su (psu@kvdpsu.org), April 23, 2002.

Well, I finally took an exposure with the Wehman camera and it looks fine; half second exposure and still a nice sharp image.

For those wanting to contact Bruce try: bruce.wehman@hs.utc.com

-- Jonathan Smith (jonathan@musicstudents.com), April 24, 2002.

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