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I have an A-1 that stops the lenses down all the way to maximum f16 or f22 whenever the lenses is set on A on the aperture ring. no matter what the exposure calls for. When it is set manually to an f stop it stops down to the aperture set on the ring. This is causing most of my exposures to come out under exposed as the camera is setting the aperture to the smallest aperture no matter what the meter read out says. I have owned A series canons for 25 years and never had this happen befor anybody got a clue? everything in the mirror box mount area looks and acts the same as the other one which works fine (while the lenses is off) it does this on Program, Tv, and Av settings anybody else ever have this problem? Mark W.

-- Mark Wahlster (, April 06, 2001


This behaviour may occur if set the aperture ring to "A" when the stop-down button is pushed. In this situations, all exposures are taken at the smallest stop, and it overloads the camera mechanics greatly. Always disable stop-down *before* setting the aperture ring to A. Look in the instruction manual for more details.

I hope I was useful.

Regards, Luigi D. Sandon.

-- Luigi D. Sandon (, April 16, 2001.

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