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I am attempting to make VCD. I've downloaded TMPGEnc and Nero and I face two problems - 1/. At 'TMPGEnc' I could do no batch conversion to make one single Mpeg-1 file out of numbers of AVIs. 2/. 'Nero' needs a serial number and even though I got that from a 'crack' site, I was halted once again that the program doesn't recognize my CD-R drive at all i.e. LG_CD-RW_CED-8083B. Can someone give me some idea please?

Many thanks...

-- K Aieykc (, April 06, 2001


TMPGenc by itself cannot create a single MPEG files out of several source AVIs. To do this, you have to find a way of feeding TMPGenc those files in sequence; this is known as frame server mode. One way of achieving this with TMPGenc is with a freeware command line program AVISynth, details of which you can find out more from sites like, etc. Basically, you have to write scripts that compiles all the AVI files you want to feed and encode into one MPEG file with TMPGenc; the AVISynth file is *.avs, which TMPGenc should recognize after, of course, having properly registered the AVISynth *.dll in your system. That Nero does not recognize your CD-R drive has more to do with whether the version of Nero you're using supports it rather than whether it's cracked or not. Nero site ( has details on what drives the latest version of Nero supports.

-- Mehmet Tekdemir (, April 07, 2001.

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