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Does anyone know of any historical ties between Brazil and the Bay Area? Any detail would be of interest. This includes trade routes, notable individuals of Brazilian descent in Bay Area history, etc.

-- Simon Alejandrino (, April 05, 2001


The Excelsior District in San Francisco is famous for Street names of exotic areas. Brazil Avenue is a prominent feature of the Excelsior and so you have the Brazil Market, the Brazil Pharmacy etc.

In terms of restauramnts consider:

Casa Brazil on Bush St Depaula's (later Mozzarella Di Bufala) on Fillmore St Bahia on Franklin St Eunice's Brazilian on Cyril Magnin St Brazilian Furit Basket on 7th St

There are probably more.

GoodLuck on your research.



SF has a large Carnival parade. It started in the about 1980. Caperia is well known here. There are at least 8 schools in the Bay area. Many teachers have come from Brazil. It may be the most interest in this marial art/dance of any area in the

-- Craig Smith (, April 23, 2001.

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